Friday, May 28, 2004

I recently got a really interesting email from a class that is building very elaborate k-webs with physical as well as digital representation:

"I submit to you some pictures of my classroom web as well as some pictures of webs drawn by students of the web and the computer based one my students use daily. Our most recent effort is building a web from our two week study of Isaac Newton and the Royal Society. Students take individuals such as Robert Hooke, Edmond Halley, Christopher Wren, the Great London Fire, Plague etc and build and
connect the web. The next step is to build on or connect to previous connection webs - no problem. My students were excited that they were taking part in something special, after reading your email. Thank you for
your encouragement and the web sites. We look forward to being a part of this great endeavor.

Thank You

Christopher Imhof

Montessori School of Denver

Full text and pictures at http://www.k-web.org/imhof.htm