Thursday, February 16, 2006

We've just had our first videoconference using Flashmeeting.com and it worked great. You can Replay 2/11 General meeting http://flash.kmi.open.ac.uk:8080/fm/memo.php?pwd=161f58-3151 if you missed it (the first half hour is chatting and getting used to the interface).

Jim Zaun, Crack Engineer (his official title bestowed by JB) blew us all away yet again with this: http://www.zaun.com/kweb/Node_Space_04.html
Click and drag! I thought at first it was a static image (which itself would have been impressive), but no! Use a scroll wheel on a mouse to get the full zoom in effect! Small file, no download, only Flash 7 needed.

I just attended a really interesting C5 conference at Berkeley which was very encouraging in terms of Opencroquet.org overcoming some technical challenges that have made VR difficult for education. I also presented K-Web to an enthusiatic group in Austin Texas . In addition we have productive talks going on with TheBrain.com, Looking Glass and FastSearch. Watch here for details on those.