Monday, February 07, 2011

James is preparing for a talk at IBM, but he kindly took time to meet with the teachers working on K-Web in a live videoconference on Saturday. Usually i arrange to podcast these sessions, but did not this time because it was an informal brainstorming session. Now I'm sorry since it turned out to be such an interesting conversation (I'll write up my desperately scribbled notes soon). Jim W is creating a charter school proposal and curriculum based on K-Web, so we wanted to strategize with Chris I (see older posts) who has been doing amazing work with K-Web concepts with his Montessori elementary school students, some of whom are now attending college, so he's getting some sense of longitudinal effects. He observes he has moved from reductionism through constructivism to connectivism. His high school alumna are now getting patents on mosquito netting they developed with kids in Ghana, and they are publishing their results. really inspiring.