Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just had a productive meeting with Sun's Looking Glass, which may well provide a very powerful way to present the K-Web. I'm doing a talk at Sun's digital library and elearning conference next month, which may allow us to create other content and technology partnerships.

James has been refining the blueprint for the K-Web user interface. John Seely Brown's input on the community aspects have been very helpful in this.

James is also in discussions on publishing in China. With a billion potential K-Web users, we'd better get going on translation.

I'm teaching a seminar based on Doug Engelbart's work at UCSC. We're working on Doug doing a talk to recruit UC folk to build his collaborative dynamic knowledge repository, the K-Web being a modest step to his overall vision of a Hyperscope system powerful enough to address complex world problems (and they're all complex, don't let anyone kid you ;)